Our Story

Cheeky Tapes began back in 2021 following the birth of our son, Freddie. Freddie spent the first 6 and a half weeks of his life in NICU where he was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic condition. Following discharge Freddie was in and out of hospital for the first year of his life. He had an NG tube for a year and half and during this time Cheeky Tapes was formed. I found the tape provided by NHS wasn’t good enough for my gorgeous boy (nothing is ever good enough for our babies is it!) So I looked into making my own.

Let’s just say there were a lot of tears and a million and one different prototypes until it was perfect. These were exclusive to Freddie for a few months until we started getting comments from the professionals involved in Freddie’s life and then I took the plunge… I advertised and started selling. And I never stopped!

Then the bug got to me so I spoke to my dad who is a keen crafter and I said I wanted to make more things. So now my dad is on board. He’s the one who makes the pads and clips. We really are a small family run business!

Freddie now longer needs an NG tube so we no longer have an in house model. I’d like to point out, having a 6 month old as a model is rather difficult and your camera storage fills up, very fast! So we are always looking for models. If you ever see a design on our website without a model – drop us a message. We might just need one and it could be you.

As well as always looking at possible new products we are always looking at new designs too. We have over 200 different designs on our website but if you can’t see exactly what you are after, please contact us and we will try our very best to make your idea come to life.